Fort Makers is a multidisciplinary art and design studio, inspired by the Bauhaus, that makes functional and interactive art. We create large-scale public art installations, as well as a wide variety of fashion and home products. Each piece reflects the unique hand of the artist and the energy and inspiration of the group. The vast array of objects we’ve made is a reflection of our overall goal: we aim to create a three-dimensional and immersive, visual world, or rather, an artistic brand.

Nana Spears Creative Director and Co-Founder of Fort Makers

Nana Spears curates and produces all projects at Fort Makers. Ten years spent working in the fashion industry provided Nana with invaluable information. She studied fashion as an art form and an industry. She also received an MA in Media Studies at the New School, where she studied film production and media theory. When she met Noah Spencer and Naomi Clark, two wildly creative artists, she knew a fantastic opportunity was at hand. Struck by their talent, she knew she needed to invest in their skills.

Noah James Spencer Artist and Co-Founder of Fort Makers

Before working at Fort Makers, Noah mentored under furniture designers Patrick Townsend, Paul Loebach and Uhuru Design. He was raised in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado  and he took great inspiration from the woods around him.  

Naomi Clark Artist and Co-Founder of Fort Makers

Naomi Clark received her MFA in painting from Pratt Institute. Her initial collaboration with Fort Makers, The Blanket Project, was a natural progression from the work she did for her thesis show. At Pratt, Naomi painted found objects and she related her approach to that of Marcel Duchamp. For The Blanket Project, Naomi’s first project with Fort Makers, she continues this approach by painting on found, old, wool blankets. In her exploration of breaking free from the canvas, Naomi has painted Fort Makers’ ties, blankets, scarves, dresses, lamp shades and pillows, as well as stage backdrops for MoMA PS1’s Warm Up series. Naomi’s major influences include Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning. Naomi continues to paint canvases, and her paintings can be seen at

Elizabeth Whitcomb Artist

Elizabeth joined Fort Makers in the summer of 2012. Her  jewelry is inspired by nature, and primitive art. Elizabeth holds an undergraduate degree in Art History, and a Master’s degree in Food Studies. She’s currently developing a zine about food art.

Hannah Whelan  Artist, Studio Manager, Graphic Designer & Production Assistant

Hannah moved from Dublin, Ireland and joined Fort Makers in January 2016. She is a botanical textile designer, and her work is a hybrid between design and art. Through her ongoing project, Living Room Roots, she explores distinct ways to honor and invite nature into the home by creating unusual and aesthetically pleasing plant receptacles.


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