The Blanket Project

From September 11th – September 28th, 2016, Fort Makers displayed Quilt Paintings by Naomi Clark in a pop-up gallery in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. These blanket tapestries were made starting in 2009 under the body of work we call The Blanket Project. This was the first project that Fort Makers created. Naomi Clark gives new life to vintage wool camp blankets culled from eBay, flea markets and garage sales and describes her process as “painting with fabric.” Beyond painting the blankets, Naomi used other processes such as dyeing, cutting, appliqué, and embroidery to make the Quilt Paintings.

main-blanket-and-small-pinkclose-up-triangleback-good-shotharry-beastnana-doorback-three-blankets  back-two-blanketstwo-front-left  paint-splat-closeuptwo-front-right