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Naomi Clark- Marathon Painter














Athletic artist Naomi Clark recently painted one heck of a lot of fabric for Fort Makers’ debut capsule collection at Anthropologie:


971.8 yards, 2915.4 ft, .55 miles


How many miles do you think this energetic painter has in her? Only time will tell.To learn more about “The Dress Project,” check out the Anthropologie Magazine.


Back to you Bob.


Just Kidding. These Olympic Games are moving me.













Who Rocks the Party?




OMG! Fort Makers has had so much fun these past two Saturdays collaborating with MoMA PS1. We designed and installed the stage set for the first two PS1 Warm Up concerts of the summer. The concert series continues every Saturday until September 3rd, but if you’d like to catch our stage installation, you better head to PS1 this coming Saturday, July 16th. This party does not disappoint. Trust me. Can you hear the thump, thump, thump?
Hope to see you there!

-Nana Spears

Creative Director and Founding Member of Fort Makers

Fort Makers Pops Up In Paris and Boston!

Fort Makers’ first gallery showing occurred in Paris at the new concept shop A Far Away Island. We set-up an installation reflecting “The Dress Project.” The show was up from October 8th- November 23rd/2010. It was a great learning experience, and we met and worked with some fabulous French women. Oooh la la! Here are some photos:

More recently, Fort Makers went up to Louis in Boston where Artist Naomi Clark painted silk in the store. We participated in their holiday fair along with other working artisans. We met Sonya Sheats who creates hand-made book bindings. She rebinds old beautiful books that are in need of repair, making them even more special and beautiful. All the original parts of the book are artfully kept intact. I have an old copy of Moby Dick that Sonya should work her magic on.
We also met perfumer David Moltz (a.k.a. The Nose) and his lovely wife Kavi Ahuja. Together they make the company D.S. & Durga. Out of all their beautiful and inventive perfums, our favorite is called Silent Grove. Here are some photos of our installation at Louis Boston:

We’re popping up at Bird in Williamsburg Brooklyn at the end of January! Stay tuned for details.

Fantastic Website For Architecture Geeks!


Hello Fort Makers,

Check-out this fantastic website on architecture:

It gives you detailed information on architecture per region around the world and includes numerous photos and information on the buildings’ architects and histories. It allows you to search architecture  by region or by architect. Bravo Simon Glynn and contributing Harvard Design graduates! Now the world can geek out on architecture any time it wants. Coolness.

Til We Meet Again,

Nana Spears

Owner and Co-Founder of Fort Makers

Let’s Talk About the Hester Street Fair






Nana: Hey Naomi. Wasn’t this past weekend mind-blowing? I thought our Hester Street Fair installation had so many successes! It was incredible to see how people worked so well together at the fair. There was a great sense of community. Don’t you think?

Naomi: Totally! I had no idea what to expect. When you first proposed the idea I could not visualize it, but the experience felt like being on vacation! We met people from all across the country. It also gave new life to artwork we only see in the studio. I think art should interact with the public.

Nana: Yes. I definitely agree. If art doesn’t interact with the public, with an audience, I don’t think you can call the work art.

Naomi: Really? I agree that art has to interact with the public to be called art, but I also think art can technically exist without an audience. That said, we’re really talking about the tree falling in the forest thing.

Nana: Yeah. You’re probably technically right. It would be one of those things you have to look-up, the definition of art, and we all know how straight-forward the definition will be. Yeah right. But by my judgment, I think art becomes art when it is first shared. Up until then it’s just masturbatory.

Naomi: Hmmm, then that means I’m masturbating all day long. But no. Because the thing is you’re there Nana, so therefore neither of us when working in collaboration are technically masturbating. This also calls to mind artist intention and the word public. Although public correctly means more than one, the common view of public is much greater than one, I think.

Nana: Yes. You like to get technical on this. What I’m saying is art means nothing to anyone but the artist until it is viewed, thus I use the term “masturbatory.” And really, we both know the importance and vitality in sharing art. It’s a great learning experience for the artist.

Naomi: …And the public. Art just feels too damn good.

Fort Makers At Hester Street Fair This Weekend!

Come visit us at the Hester Street Fair this weekend, June 26th and 27th, 10 AM -6 PM. The fair is at the corner of Hester and Essex Street on the Lower East Side. Artist Naomi Clark is already on her way. She doesn’t want to miss a moment.



Fort Makers will install blanket forts at the fair. The whole gang will be there hawking t-shirts, clutches, necklaces, art and other surprises. Fashion designer Lauren Nevada will be selling her remade tunic dresses. There may even be some tarot card readings. Yup. If I were you, I’d hightail it over there. Come and play in our forts!

Hello out there! I’m blogging.


June 10, 2010

Hello out there!

We are Fort Makers, a gang of friends who are also artists. We travel, play, explore and make art together. We learn from each other and push each other forward as artists. That is our mission.

We’re so excited to open a new platform of discussion with the public- BLOGGING! Who would have ever thunk that old grandma here would be blogging? Well here we go.

Fort Makers wants to start a dialogue with you about art, making things, culture, lots of stuff. Because when we talk about art, we’re talking about life really, aren’t we?

Let’s begin with a discussion about the word “maker.” Here’s the definition. I tried to get one free from the OED but alas, you have to subscribe.

mak·er [mey-ker]

1. a person or thing that makes.
2. a manufacturer (used in combination): drugmaker; garmentmaker.
3. (initial capital letter) God.
4. the party executing a legal instrument, esp. a promissory note.
5. Cards. the player who first names the successful bid.
6. Archaic. a poet.
7. go to/meet one’s Maker, to die.
1300–50; ME; see make1, -er1

—Related forms
pre·mak·er, noun
un·der·mak·er, noun

“maker.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 02 Jun. 2010. <>.

Why do we create? Most human beings do, in some shape or form, be it crafting a table or having a child. I wonder if we create to satisfy our yearning for “godliness?” What do you think? Let’s discuss…

We’re really excited to hear from you!

Yours sincerely,

Nana Spears

Owner and Co-Founder of Fort Makers