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Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Fort Makers is pleased to present GREEN HOUSE, a solo exhibition featuring work by New York based ceramicist Shino Takeda. The exhibition of sculptural planters, flower pots, and abstract containers in which plant life can grow highlights the connection of art and nature, and the loud and beautiful combination they make together.

For GREEN HOUSE, Fort Makers invited Shino to focus her craft and knowledge of ceramics to create a range of new work including larger scale pieces that hold and sustain plant life. Each sculpture is approached holistically so that the planters and their corresponding plants compliment and complete each other—one part finite, the other living, wild and ever-changing. As nature continues to inspire humans to make art, we take pleasure in the thought that when art and nature are shown together as one, they communicate something more profound and transcendent.

American Composer Nathan Larson collaborated with Shino Takeda on a soundscape designed for the installation.

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