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Now THIS I Like

by Margot DeMarco
Presented by FORT MAKERS
Ace Artist in Residence

Feb 15, 2024 - Apr 25, 2024

Ace Hotel Brooklyn and Fort Makers are pleased to present Now THIS I Like, a solo exhibition featuring work by New York based artist Margot DeMarco that focuses on the seemingly invisible but ever-present, contemporary, disposable objects that surround us. Through illustrated still lifes of mundane scenes, to found object sculptural assemblage, Now THIS I Like appreciates the world as it is, as well as imagines what it could be.

Integral to DeMarco's artistic practice, she gathers from the world around her, often incorporating found objects such as beach trash and scrap wood into her sculptures and furniture.

Now THIS I Like is a collection of two bodies of work: sculpture and drawings. The found objects in these drawings are interpreted through observation and rebuilt with simple linework. Each drawing is a world within itself, intricately constructed into a zany but plausible illustrated reality. These subtle moments were captured by sneaking, snooping, and lurking through the less glamorous but integral areas of the hotel. Dumpsters, loading docks, coat checks, and storage rooms are the areas DeMarco has chosen to appreciate in these images.

Paired with the drawings are a series of ten unique vases. Each vase is made from plastic bottles, packaging, cardboard, and other detritus collected by DeMarco during her residency as well as her explorations around the city. These vases reference classic forms but are decidedly contemporary, giving new life to the invisible, ever-present disposable objects surrounding us.

Margot DeMarco is an artist, designer and educator based in New York City. Her work exists in many forms, includinga sculpture, furniture, housewares, video, puppetry, photography, window displays, props, illustration and writing. Despite working across disparate mediums, Margot’s art contains a consistent thread of shrewd irreverence towards the world of objects.

The multidisciplinary studio FORT MAKERS, connects creatives across disciplinary boundaries including contemporary art, furniture, stage and product design. In searching for a curated commonality across practices, FORT MAKERS creates space to discover the unexpected.

Ace Artist in Residence is the embodiment of our deep conviction that artists deliver us a critical lens through which to understand the world and ourselves.