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Thumbs-Up Planter

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Handmade by Jessi Li

Materials: Clay, Glaze

Dimensions: H 14" x W 10" x D 6"


Edition: Unique

Plant Name: Alabaster Swirl Euphorbia
Watering Schedule: Water once every 3 weeks.
Lighting: Bright indirect to direct light.

Jessi Li (b.1987) grew up in Jersey City, NJ, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Greenwich House Pottery. They have shown their work nationally in group and solo exhibitions in New York, NY, Jersey City, NJ, Seattle, WA, Milwaukee, WI, Cape Cod, MA, and Toledo, OH. They hold an MFA from Hunter College (2019) and a BA from Bard College at Simon’s Rock (2009). Li makes sculpture about the instability of identity by animating utilitarian forms out of glass, clay, fabric and repurposed objects.  Their work relates to the body whether through direct figurative depictions or the sculptural reimagining of held objects such as bags or tools. Li is interested in the transmutation of material as it relates to the transformation of self, death being the ultimate transition.

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Thumbs-Up Planter
Thumbs-Up Planter
Thumbs-Up Planter
Thumbs-Up Planter