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Tamika Rivera

Tamika Rivera : Further Forms

Tamika Rivera is a Brooklyn based artist and human rights activist who creates pieces that invoke the curiosity of modern day artifacts. Rivera explores her own heritage and social complexities, which allows her work to transcend space and time while threading the spirit of human consciousness. You can view more of her work at


What are you working on now?

Crocheting, drawing, painting, sewing and wrapping string around whatever I get my hands on. I'm currently working on a series of sculptures and photographs for an upcoming exhibition, curating for Here Projects and Next Level 2019, and continuing to create Further Forms sculptures for Fort Makers.


Describe your artistic practice

My art practice is integrated into my life practice, staying present in both parts while simultaneously living a life of creation and compassion. I keep a bottle of water with a bag of yarn and a sketch book with me wherever I go. I'm an observer, a gatherer... I travel the world and my hometown gathering strings, colors, textures, experiences, concepts and bring them home to create new work.

Tamika's Breakfast

Tamika's walk to work

Tamika's favorite tool

Describe your biggest artistic influences

My biggest artistic influences are the women who showed me it's okay to be different - do it your own way! My mother, Judy Walter, my aunt, Adelaide, who taught me how to crochet... Frida Kahlo, Patti Smith, Anaïs Nin, Alice Walker, Judith Scott, Wangechi Mutu, Sheila Hicks, Kara Walker, Janet Echelman, too many to mention...

Work by Tamika Rivera