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Basketball Love

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Handmade by Uno + Ichi (Hana Ward)

Materials: Stoneware

Dimensions: H 8" x W 4" x D 7"


Edition: Unique

Plant Name: Ripple Peperomia
Watering Schedule: Water once every 7 days.
Light: Medium to bright indirect light

Uno+Ichi is a brand specializing in handmade, small batch ceramics. Uno+Ichi captures the stories and lives of objects in a playful manner while adding charm and sass to your daily rituals. Uno+Ichi means “one plus one” —  uno as in the Spanish word for “one,” and ichi as in the Japanese word for “one”. This name represents collaboration and friendship, as well as the concept of a precious item moving from our hands to yours. These handmade items are imagined and crafted by Hana Ward in a small studio behind her grandma's house in West Adams, Los Angeles.  

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Basketball Love
Basketball Love
Basketball Love
Basketball Love
Basketball Love