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Snake Planter

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Handmade by Noah J. Spencer

Materials: Ceramic - Sculpture Clay


H 3.75" x W 19" x D 14"
H 3.75" x W 17" x D 13"
H 3.75" x W 19" x D 14"


Edition: Unique

Plant Name: Succulent/Cacti Arrangement (Echeveria & Haworthia)
Watering Schedule: Water once every 3 weeks.
Lighting: Bright indirect to direct light.

Noah Spencer lives and works in New York City. His work is rooted in abstraction and symbolism and is carried out through traditional materials and techniques. Before co-founding Fort Makers, Spencer trained under furniture designers Patrick Townsend, Paul Loebach, and Uhuru Design. He grew up in a small mountain community surrounded by nature in Sunshine Canyon (near Boulder, Colorado). Many of this community’s residents are artists, including his parents, and from a young age he was encouraged to make things.

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Snake Planter
Snake Planter
Snake Planter